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President Anthony W. Ivins
First Counselor in the First Presidency
Conference Report, October 1931, p.87-94

President Anthony W. Ivins First Counselor in the First Presidency Conference Report, October 1931, p.87-94 My brethren and sisters, I stand before you this morning in humility and humbly ask that during the few moments of time I expect to occupy I may have your sympathy, the support of your fai...


A VISION by Bro Thomas Caidon of Logan 7 or 8 years ago which he reported and Bro. B Riches wrote down March 28, 1885.

I seemed to stand away north beyond all the settlements that have since been made and looking towards the south, I saw many settlements that had been made even as far as the vision of my mind could gage. The people seemed to be in trouble and many were leaving their homes to get out of the way o...


Brigham Young

The President [Brigham Young] stopped with us. He sat at the head of the table and had me sit down at his right. The President, when everything was ready, asked a blessing, then all began to eat. He asked for some buttermilk, then crumbled some bread in it and began to eat. He conversed freely on...

Black Elk's Vision

[The following is taken from the book Black Elk Speaks, by John G. Neihardt (New York: Washington Square Press, 1972), originally published in 1932. The book is Neihardt's recreation in English of the oral history that Black Elk, a medicine man (or "shaman," of the Oglala Sioux Indians, recounted for him in the Sioux language in 1931. I have selected those chapters and sections of chapters that deal most directly with Black Elk's visions and this ritual enactment of them for his tribe.]

From Chapter 2: Early Boyhood I was four years old then, and I think it must have been the next summer that I first heard the voices. It was a happy summer and nothing was afraid, because in the Moon When the Ponies Shed (May) word came from the Wasichus [the White Men] that there would be peace...


Doc Hansen

From: "Doc Hansen" Date: Mon Jul 23, 2001 10:33 pm Subject: BOOK OF MORMON PROPHECY FOR OUR DAY ADVERTISEMENT Sacrament Meeting talk, and later pamphlet, in July of 1995, by Gail L. Porritt, formerly writing as "Aribeth N. Coe". NEPHI'S LIST Author's Note: This paper is intended to be a...


DATES IN BOOK OF MORMON HISTORY ********** HISTORY ON SMALL PLATES OF NEPHI *********** 600BC group leaves Jerusalem with Lehi 1 Nephi tree of life vision 1 Nephi 8 Nephi's vision 1 Nephi 11-14 592 arrive at sea/build boat to cross ocean 1 Nephi 17 589 arrive in promised land 1 Nephi 18 ...

Fulfillment of Prophecy

"Evening and Morning Star" Vol. I. April, 1833

Indeed it is a source of joy to us, to know, that all the prophecies and promises which are contained in them, which have not been fulfilled, will come to pass. The saints may lift up their heads and rejoice, for their redemption will soon be perfected. Soon the curtain of heaven will be unfolded...


GAYLE'S PERSONAL STORY IN HER OWN WORDS Version 2.0 March 3, 1999 INTRODUCTION: A friend of mine wrote down some of the things I have been shown and called it "Gail's Story" and later "Gail's Story Updated." These have been on the internet and passed by hand for about three years now. My frien...

Holly's Dream of 21 Jan 2000

Found at
Holly Deyo
January 21, 2000

A group of extremely good amateur musicians could not play a song right. Stan and I were among the players who were dressed in traditional black skirts or slacks with white shirts. We had been working very hard to play this piece for an unspecified special event. People's shirt sleeves were rolle...

Johann Friede's Vision

Johann Friede (1204-1257), Austrian monk

When the great time will come, in which mankind will face its last, hard trial, it will be foreshadowed by striking changes in nature; the alteration between cold and heat will become more intensive, storms will have more catastrophic effects, earthquakes will destroy greater regions and the seas...

Joseph Smith Jr.'s Patriarchal Blessing

Patriarchal Blessing given by Joseph Smith, Sr., Patriarch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to his son, Joseph Smith, Jr., on 9 December 1834. Joseph Smith, Jr. was born in Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, December 23, 1805.

(Joseph Smith, Sr., Patriarchal Blessing Book no. 1, Historical Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.)

Joseph, my son, I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to confirm upon thee a father's blessing. The Lord thy God has called thee by name out of the heavens: thou hast heard his voice from on high from time to time, even in thy youth. The hand of the angel of his prese...

My vision of the Church in these times

Jon Menough

My vision of the Church in these times Written by Jon Menough, 13 May 2001 One night earlier this week, I awoke around 3 AM and was unable to go back to sleep. I had to get up in about 3 hours and for most of that 3 hours I laid in bed thinking about a number of things. One of the major items...

Newman Bulkley's Vision

Newman Bulkley (member of the mormon battalion)
Vision published in Springville, Utah, Jan. 8, 1886

Suddenly I awoke, and sleep departed from me, and the vision of my mind was opened, and I beheld the members of the Senate of the United States. And while in session they were hurled from the hall by an unseen power. They rallied again, and the second time they were thrown from the hall. They ral...

Night of the Red Sky The Prophetic Vision of 'Grandfather'


In the 1920s, an Apache wise man had a Vision of four prophecies that foretold death and destruction for mankind, unless we incorporate Spirit in our daily lives. Two of these prophecies may already have come true. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Stan's Dream/Vision of 1996

Extracted from Stan Deyo's "WATT's News" newsletter of 29 February 1996
Found at

Earlier this month, my son, Joshua, and I had a dream vision about very similar events on the exact same night! This was quite unusual for Joshua and fairly rare for myself. I am sure our dreams that night were concerning the beginning events of the time of great tribulation on Earth as spoken of...

The Dream

Times and Seasons Vol 4: "The Dream"

I thought I was walking in the wide street of a great city, many people were walking there besides myself, but there was something in the air that immediately struck me; they seemed thoughtful, yet cheerful. Neither occupied with business, nor gaiety, but having about them such dignity of repo...

The Eagle and the Serpents

Michael Boldea Jr.

I dreamt I was walking through a sparsely wooded forest, and suddenly my attention was drawn to an eagle flying high above the tree line. It was a beautiful sight to behold as the eagle rode the thermals, flying in slow lazy arks across the blue sky. I began to quicken my pace, and keep up with t...

The Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole

A Copy Of Admiral Richard B. Byrd
foreword by: Dr. William Bernard Ph.d., D.D.

The reader of the following documentation should find a striking example of dire devotion. Especially when one considers that this log diary was written in the year 1947 in the months of February and March, under circumstances that evidently defied the imagination and credibility, for those times as any others. Here is dealt with the evident answers the origin of the so called UFOs, as well as the Hollow Earth, or as the admiral described.

The Land Beyond The Poles

The reader will relive that period as he reads this document. To say it is fascinating is to place it mildly, but to read it now for yourself, I know that you will conclude, in the Admi rals own words " Just as the long night of the Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine of truth shall come forth again, and those who are of Darkness shall fall in its Light".

DR. D.B.

Admiral Richard B. Byrd's Diary (Feb. Mar. 1947 ) The exploration flight over the North Pole ( The Inner Earth My Secret Diary ) I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It con cerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty Seven. There com...

The Parable of the Changed Man

Hugh Nibley

From Hugh Nibley, "The Way of the Church," The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley: Volume 4 Mormonism and Early Christianity, (Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah: Deseret Book and FARMS, 1987), 302-307. "The Way of the Church" originally appeared as a series in the Improvement Era, 58 (Jan.-Dec. 1955). ...

The Ten WHAT?!!: The Truth About the "Ten Commandments"

Gershon Winkler

The Ten Commandments comprise a sadly misunderstood and misinterpreted body of ancient Jewish rules-to-live-by, twisted out of context by religious cultures unfamiliar with the original Hebraic language and cosmology that originally inspired it. Ever since the Hebrew scriptures were translated f...


(From the Lundwall Rare Manuscript File, Microfilm Roll No. 2 -- Visions of the
Latter Days, pp. 99 -- 102)

A prophetic incident occurred at my father's home in Cedar City, Utah, at the time a conference was being held their, at which President John Taylor and George A. Smith were present. Elder George A. Smith was asked to conduct the morning session of the conference, as president Taylor wished to re...

Using the Book of Mormon to Face the Tests Ahead

M. Catherine Thomas

Our dispensation will embrace the greatest extremes of any day: the tares will be of greater virulence than any preceding period. President Ezra Taft Benson has declared: "Wickedness is rapidly expanding in every segment of our society (see D&C 1:14-16; 84: 49 - 53). It is more highly organized, ...

Vision of Alma D. Erickson

Alma D. Erickson, Early 1930s
Visions of the Latter Days, pp. 121-134

The voice of warning crying unto me, Alma D. Erickson, concerning the great and dreadful day of the Lord and the destruction of the wicked, which shall shortly come to pass. The voice of the Great Spirit does reveal these things unto me, even the Holy Ghost that does bear witness of the Father a...

Vision of Destruction (1877/8)

John Taylor

I went to bed at my usual hour half past nine o'clock. I had been reading the Revelations in the French language. My mind was Calm, more so than usual if possible to be so. I Composed myself for sleep but Could not sleep. I felt a strange stupor Come over me and apparently became partially uncons...

Vision of the Future of the United States

General George Washington's Angelic Visitation at Valley Forge and the Vision of the Future of the United States.

This article is a reprint of a newspaper article first published in the NATIONAL TRIBUNE in 1859 and reprinted in 1880. Later reprinted in THE STARS AND STRIPES newspaper owned by the NATIONAL TRIBUNE, in 1931 and the latest printing on December 21, 1950. This article is printed in its entirety b...