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March 3, 1999

INTRODUCTION: A friend of mine wrote down some of the things I have been shown and called it "Gail's Story" and later "Gail's Story Updated." These have been on the internet and passed by hand for about three years now. My friend who did "Gail's Story" and "Gail's Story Updated" brought these for my review and approval and was accurate. He was the first to check with me for accuracy. You will notice that in those two accounts the spelling of my name was different. My friend did that at my request because I didn't want the publicity.

Others have also written my story partially, but for the most part they were less accurate.

Like I said, "Gail's Story", "Gail's Story Updated", and other accounts are only part of the story. Because of this and because I have been very much impressed by the Spirit of the Lord, I now put my story down in my own words. I pray someone may benefit from this and be inspired to go to our Father in Heaven and ask the truth of it. My sole purpose in doing this is to possibly inspire some to come to Jesus Christ.

MY STORY: My story begins in 1969 when my sister was killed in an automobile accident. Before the wreck I had two beings from the other side of the veil come visit me in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. I was told the best time to communicate with the spirit world is when the mind is in the state of sleep. I said, "Now that's interesting, but why are you telling me?" He ignored me and went on, " If you look above the mirror, " which was at the foot of my bed, "you will see the faces of those that are to go. It's not for you to be concerned about the manner in which they are taken, it is necessary that they go." I knew someone was going to die. There was going to be several of them and I knew it was going to be my immediate family members. I thought about that for a minute and said, "Well no. If someone is going to die, I would prefer not to know who it is." As soon as I thought that, everything stopped. Everything went black for a minute and then I dreamt there was a baby shoe sitting on my dresser, the little soft soled kind of baby shoes. It started to float upwards to the ceiling. When it got to the ceiling, this arm and hand gently reached down and took hold of this baby shoe and lifted it through a cloud or mist. I started thinking I should have looked to see who it was because I had a baby at the time that was 7 months old. Then I dreamt I woke up out of this dream and there was this man on the right side of my bed and a woman on the left side. He had on a white suit and she had on a long white dress. They had silver shimmering beautiful white hair and their faces were very young. They looked like they were in their late 20's. I had the understanding that they were very old people and that they had lived on the earth a long time ago.

He asked me for my name and family number. I said I could give him my family name but I couldn't my family number because I didn't know I had one. He said that it was of no matter, he could get it.

He then told me their names. I don't remember what they were, but I remember that they sounded biblical. He said they were here to help me understand the meaning of the dream I had just had and if I had any questions. I thought, "Oh my goodness yes. Can I look and see who it's going to be?" He said that I couldn't. Once it has been offered to a person, if you reject it, it can not be offered again. That was a learning experience for me.

He asked if I had any further questions and I asked, "What does the baby shoe mean?" I knew what the baby shoe meant but I had to ask. He said that it simply meant that among those that are taken, there would be a baby. He then asked if I had any further questions. I knew this was a special opportunity to have with two beings from the spirit world but I couldn't think of a single thing to ask so he said they had to go. During the experience it was very pleasant and I was not afraid. I knew there were several that were going to die, but I was not alarmed or upset at all at the time. They look at death totally different than we do. I knew my family were going but I knew it would be a very short period of time before I would see them again. As soon as he left, I was immediately awake and staring at the spot where he was standing. I don't know what state I was in when most of this took place because I was no longer dreaming. He told me that I had woke up out of my dream. I know what it is from experience but I can't describe it to you. When I woke up I had a totally different feeling about it. I was really upset because I knew there was going to be several in my family that were going to pass away. I woke my husband up and told him all about this experience and he told me to go back to sleep, that it was just a dream. I knew better and couldn't go back to sleep. I laid there and thought about it all night long.

The next day I told my whole family about all these experiences. When I told my sister Kathy she said, "Oh Gayle, It's going to be me. For the last six months I saw myself lying in a coffin all dressed in white." It was the last time I ever saw her alive. Three days later she was dead. There were seven of them killed in the wreck. Her children, my brother's kids, her mother-in-law, but her husband Jerry lived through the wreck. They gave him 1 chance in 10,000 of living. He only had two major bones in his whole body that were not broken and almost every organ in his body was also crushed. He was in intensive care from the 31st of May until the first of October, 1969 when they released him from intensive care.

About the middle of October, my sister that was killed came to my bedroom door and called me by name. She said, "Gayle, Gayle...Gayle." It was like someone shaking you trying to wake you up. I said, "Kathy, is that you?" She said, "Yes. come here. I want to talk to you." So I got up and we walked into my daughter's room and sat down on my daughter's bed. I could see and hear her, but feeling her presence was a stronger knowledge that she was there. You feel their feelings and there are no misunderstandings as to what they are saying to you. It was as natural as when you are talking to someone in this world. I said to her, "Kathy, I've missed you so bad. I wish we could go get a Coke or something but we can't because you're dead." She laughed and said, "Yeah, It's kind of the pits, huh." I said, "Kathy, what's it like being dead? You have to tell me what it's like." She chuckled and said, "Oh I could tell you, but you wouldn't understand. It's something you have to experience for yourself." I asked her what she did all day or if she just sat on a cloud all day. She laughed. "No I don't sit on a cloud all day. I have work to do. She asked me to go to the hospital to talk to her husband Jerry about their eight year old little boy named Troy who had gone to the lake with his grandfather and wasn't in the accident.

She was concerned about what was going to happen to Troy. I told her that she didn't have to worry about Jerry because they had released him from intensive care and he was going to be just fine. She just looked at me and smiled. I knew from that day forward that Jerry's days were numbered. Then she made me promise to take care of Troy. Then she said she had to go and left. I went to the hospital and didn't know how I was going to tell my brother-in-law that his dead wife had been to see me and that she was worried about what was going to happen to their little boy after he was dead. I said, "Jerry, I hope you don't think I'm crazy. Kathy has been to see me and she's concerned about what's going to happen to Troy if anything should happen to you." He said, "I don't think you're crazy at all. That's how I knew Kathy was dead." No one had told him his wife was dead because he was so critically injured they thought the shock of him finding out his whole family had been killed would kill him. He told me that Kathy had stood by his side day and night until they released him from intensive care. That is how he knew. She was aiding him in surviving. That was one of the reasons she was there. The morning he was released from intensive care Jerry said that Kathy kissed him on the forehead and told him goodbye. Jerry promised me he would see to it that Troy was taken care of. When he was taken out of intensive care he met a nurse by the name of Katherine. He was released from the hospital in December and married Katherine in January.

I told my mother about these experiences of Kathy. My mom and dad had grieved so. Mother said she wished Kathy would come and see her and wondered why she didn't. I told my mom if she came again I'd ask her. She did come again two weeks later and in exactly the same way. She called me by name and had on the same earthly clothes. I found out later that the clothes she wore when she appeared to me were the same clothes she had been wearing in the wreck. We did the same thing. We went and sat on my daughter's bed. The only difference was that her son Troy was spending the night with my boys that night. I told her I went to the hospital and talked to Jerry and that he had promised he would take care of Troy. She said she knew I did and that she appreciated it. Katherine and I figured that sometime between Kathy's two visits, is when Jerry met Katherine at the hospital. We have no idea of how close those in the spirit world are to us or how closely they're watching and guarding our lives as we walk through them. They will not interfere except sometimes in matters of safety where they will step in and preserve our lives, but in our choices, they will not interfere. They are concerned and are very close to us. The veil is very thin and they are right here among us if we were just aware. If we could just BELIEVE, we could see them. I told her that mom was just dying to see her and was wondering why she didn't come and see her. She said she would just love to go see mom but she had to get permission from the council every time she came and she couldn't get permission to see that many people. She then made me promise again to take care of Troy and I promised that I would. Before she left she wanted to go in and see him. We walked in my son's room and he was lying in the bottom bunk with my second son. She stood there and the tears ran down her face. I could feel the love and concern pouring out of her for her little boy. She said she had to go and she left. They not only have to have permission to come but they are not allowed to linger.

The third time she came, two weeks later, it was entirely different. My baby woke up and I had just gotten him back to sleep. I was lying in my bed but I wasn't asleep. I was wide awake. I looked up in the corner of the room and I saw this little ball of light. I said to myself, "What is that?" As I looked at it, it got bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter until it filled the whole room and was brighter than mid day. Above my head there were clouds or a mist. They parted and this ray of light came down over my body. I looked up and standing in the parting of the clouds was my sister. She had on this beautiful white dress that I can remember in detail to this day and she's been dead almost 30 years. My memory isn't that great but when it comes to these experiences, I can remember details. They stay very vivid in my mind and don't fade over the years. Kathy was standing there singing the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I also heard the choirs of angels singing. I had read in the scriptures about the choirs of angels, but I didn't know what that meant until it happened to me. I have never heard anything close to it on earth. I was thinking that I didn't know Kathy could sing that well. As soon as I thought that she stopped in the middle of her song and started to chuckle. Then she said, "Gayle, come with me. I want to show you something." As she reached down, I reached up and she took hold of my hand. She then told me to hold my breath while we passed through to the other side. I took a deep breath and the next thing I knew I was up above looking down into what looked like a well or a tunnel. I could see my body and my husband lying next to me. All I could see was darkness. It seemed like the only light there is on this earth is the light that was coming down from where I was looking down over my body. We truly live in darkness in this world. The physical darkness was not the only darkness, but also the darkness of the mind. It seems like the body is a block so it's hard to receive things.

I looked down this well and I saw myself lying there and my husband next to me. I thought why was I lying on my back? I never lay on my back. Looking around I found myself in this beautiful meadow. It was so bright. The light doesn't hurt your eyes but it's like looking into the sun though it's much brighter than the sun. It was so peaceful and beautiful in this meadow. The colors were so vivid and bright and everything was so alive. There was a little brook running through it and there were trees, flowers and shrubs. Everything was singing this creation song of praise to the Lord. That was the choir of angels. Every blade of grass and every molecule of water was singing this song because they all have a spirit. They all have life. Everything in the universe and on this planet has a spirit and has life. We think of this earth as life but it isn't. It's just an image of life. What I was seeing and what I was feeling was life. Then she told me to please tell mom and dad not to grieve so. She was still alive and in this beautiful place and was very happy. Then she said, as she pointed, that we were going to that city. I hadn't even noticed the city because I was so caught up by the meadow. I looked and in the distance there was this beautiful white city. The way you travel is just awesome because as soon as we focused on the city, we were there instantly. You travel by thought which is faster than the speed of light. The buildings look like they are made from white alabaster. It's beautiful! These buildings have their own light. This building had beautiful ornate cut crystal windows down both sides. The ceilings were also made from cut crystal and it opened up like a flower petal so when the light came through the colors just danced all over the room. I remember the stairway and how they were rounded and deep but not very high. They looked like they were made from pale pink mother of pearl with gold and silver in them. As we came into this building I could see that it was a long meeting hall. Most of what I saw in the city was withheld from me except for one specific incident.

There were a lot of people in the room because I could feel them but I didn't focus on any faces because standing at the front of the room a little above everyone else was JESUS CHRIST! He looked directly at me and said, "Gayle, I have a mission for you if you choose to accept it." I didn't know what the mission was, but the burden and the responsibility was absolutely awesome. I didn't know if I could do it or not and I said that to Him. I knew better than to say no. If I was to reject it, I knew it could not be offered again. So I looked at my Savior and asked if I could have two weeks to think about it. He chuckled and said sure. When you meet the Savior, there is absolutely no judgment at all coming from Him. Any judgment that was there came from me about myself. All that comes from the Savior is light and love and peace, total peace. The love that you feel is total love and is indescribable and so wonderful. It envelopes your whole being. Other than that, I don't remember anything about the city. I was told that eventually I will remember. For many years I didn't know why I was taken there if I wasn't allowed to remember. It didn't make any sense to me that I would be taken there if I wasn't allowed to remember. Another thing I was told was that I was taken there to remember who I was. I thought, that doesn't make any sense. Why take me there and tell me all these things and then prevent me from remembering any of it. I heard Lawrence Tooley, who lives here in Utah, on Jack Stockwell's radio show one morning. He said he was shown the city, but was not allowed to enter into it because he was told you are not allowed to talk about things in the celestial city on this plane. It finally dawned on me after almost thirty years why I didn't remember. I would open my big mouth and blab everything I knew. He simply took the memory away from me until I learned to keep my mouth shut. The only additional thing I remember about the city is that there's a clock that represented time that was running out and this was in 1969. If time was running out then, where are we now?

She returned me to the meadow and we started to the place where the hole went down, where I began. Then she asked me again to tell mother and dad not to grieve so. I said I would and promised her I'd take care of Troy. She said "Oh you don't have to worry about that. That's all been taken care of." Then she took my hand and said to hold my breath again while we passed back through. I looked down and saw myself lying in the same position I was lying in when I left, on my back. I took a big deep breath and the next thing I knew I was lying in my bed. I looked over and I saw my husband lying in the same position I had seen him in before. I was holding my breath and my heart was going boom, boom, like it had barely started beating again. I became aware and thought, wow, I've been dead. This is really cool.

In February, a month after Jerry was released from the hospital, the doctors told him he had terminal lung cancer. He went on to live four years even with the fast growing lung cancer that he had. This gave Katherine and Troy four years to bond with each other. Before Jerry died, Katherine had said to Jerry that he could take away the house, the boat, everything, but please not to take Troy away from her. He went ahead and had Troy legally adopted to Katherine and then it was only a matter of days before Jerry died. Katherine had told me many times throughout the years that my sister Kathy had been there and helped her raise Troy. We know that my sister selected her to raise Troy and Katherine said that she knew she was to raise Troy from the first time she laid eyes on him.

Two weeks after I came back from the other side the same fellow came to me that came before the wreck. I've seen him many times over 30 years and I know his voice. He said that my two weeks were up and I had to make a decision. I told him I'd do it. He said to just remember that I would be tried and tested beyond the limits that most people can endure. I would be given a special gift for the good and benefit of my family. What that special gift entails is that for the last 30 years I have had many experiences with my family to protect them from events in the future that have literally preserved their lives. I will give a couple of examples.

I had a dream one night about one of my granddaughters when she was 4 years old. I saw her running down the beach and this man was there waiting to grab her. When I was shown the beach I thought, what beach? There's no beach around here. I saw him kidnap, rape, and kill her. I woke up and was just freaked. I needed to get hold of her. I've had so many of these experiences over the years that I know what I'm supposed to do. I started calling my son and his wife. I called all day long and they weren't home. I called that night and they weren't home. I started calling the next morning and they still weren't home. At noon I called my daughter and asked if she knew where they were. She said they had gone to California. Then I thought "The Beach!" I started praying because I was really upset. As soon as they got home I called them and asked how Brooky was. She said she was just fine and asked why. So I told her. She said that it now made sense. She said they got up one morning to go to the beach and Brook threw such a fit saying she couldn't go to the beach. She said grandma had been here and told her not to go to the beach because there was a bad man there. She cried and threw such a fit that they didn't go. That was four years ago.

Another example was concerning my oldest daughter who is 33 now but was 8 at the time. I had a dream one night that I saw her going up the road and it was like there were willows or something. I could just see her from the chest up. I was on one side and she was on the other. I saw a man stooped behind the willows waiting for her. When she came by he grabbed and raped her and then killed her. When I woke up I was told to watch her close for the next two weeks. I watched her like a hawk. About four days later the kids were riding the horses. We lived west of the Bamberger Railway in Farmington where my kids were raised in the saddle. We had this mare that we raised from a colt and she wouldn't refuse to do anything. My daughter knew how to handle a horse and this mare loved to go to the pasture. Usually you had to hold her back from running all the way there. This day she kept whirling back and coming back to me. I would turn her around and tell her to go and she kept whirling around back to me. She did that four times. I got so disgusted I took hold of the reins and led her up to the Bamberger track and got her started and finally the horse went. I got in the car and went down the frontage road that runs parallel to the Bamberger tracks so I could see her riding to the pasture. All of a sudden it was just like an instant exact replay of my dream. I saw the willows that are along the Bamberger right of way and I could see her about from her chest up because she was on top of the horse. As she rode to the pasture I saw there was a man stooped down on my side waiting for her. I thought, oh my word, this is just like an instant replay of my dream. I panicked and I gunned the car to the pasture. I jumped out and ran down the Bamberger track screaming at the top of my lungs. She didn't even hear me but the man hiding did and he took off running.

I want to give one more example of the gift I was given. My youngest son was working in his father's welding fabrication shop. One night I had a dream he was working on some plate steel and something went wrong and the steel fell on him and cut him in half and killed him. I immediately called him to warn him. He said, "Oh mom, you have no idea what I'm working on now. We are working of 4x8 sheets of 3/4 inch steel. If one fell on me it would surely kill me." I warned him to be careful. The next day as he was working he had to turn the steel over. He hooked it up to the overhead crane, but then he stepped way back heeding my warning. As the steel was lifted up the cable on the crane broke. The plate fell exactly where he had been standing. Had I not warned him he surely would have been killed.

In 1982 my mother died. When mom started visiting me in 1987 I no longer saw my sister. My mother came and stood at the foot of my bed and she called my name. I said, " Mom, have you come to get me?" When you have been to the other side, you really look forward to going back there. I don't know of anyone who had a near death experience who doesn't say the same thing. For ten years after I came back I just ached to go back. Mother said, "No, not you, someone else. I'm here to help and comfort you." Within a week my first and only grandson who was 2 years old died in my arms.

The next time my mother came I saw her with her arm around my sister comforting her. So I told my sister Carolyn, "Mom's been here again and this time it's not for me, it's for you. So just be careful". I don't think it was even a week later that her three youngest boys were in a head on automobile accident. The 18 year old was killed outright and the other two were in critical condition. They had to life flight them by helicopter from their ranch in Idaho to the University of Utah Medical Center. My sister and her husband had to follow down by car. They notified all the family before they left so I was there when she walked in the door of the hospital. Her very first words were, "Is TJ still alive?" They told her yes he was. She came over to me and she put her arms around me and started sobbing. She said, "Gayle, it was just like you saw. Mother was there with her arm around me all the way down from Idaho in the car comforting and helping me. If it hadn't been for mother, I couldn't have made it through this." The accident was not more than a quarter mile from the house. She heard the crash and went running down the road to the wreck. She said she got half way down the road and heard mother's voice as plain as I can hear your voice. Mother said to her, "Carolyn, don't worry about Guy. He's just fine. He's with me." She told me that If it hadn't been for mother she couldn't have made it through this.


The next time my mother came was January of 1993. She started showing me a scenario of 4 earthquakes that affect Utah, Nevada and California. They get consecutively worse with each earthquake. The first two are very close together and they happen in the fall early in the morning, about 4 or 5 am. There is a space between the 2nd and 3rd earthquakes. I was hoping it would only be six months, but there are many things that have led me to believe that the space will be a 3 and 1/2 year period. My friend Sarah saw that it was about four years. Between the two of us we've come to the conclusion that it's probably a 3 and 1/2 year period before the 3rd earthquake. I was told before the 3rd earthquake takes place we would pray day and night for that earthquake because it's our release from the terrible oppression that we've been placed under.

My mother then started showing me a scenario of events that will take place beginning with a worldwide economic collapse that would take place in the month of October. I asked her if it would be this October and she said that it would take place in October. I pressed her for a year and she asked why I needed to know the year. When I pressed her about the year the October would come in she asked why I was so concerned about when? I was just to know that these will happen and don't worry about when because everything is subject to change because of mens' free agency. If we would but turn to Christ, open up and have love in our hearts and get a personal relationship with Him we could change everything because it's not set in stone.
I was told it will actually begin in the United States. I know that economies of other countries have been in near collapse, but what I saw was that it starts in the United States. The reason behind the collapse is to bring down America. I don't think they want to totally destroy America. They just want to bring it under their control. Concerning the economic collapse, my mother said I would hear rumors and then they will get louder and then the collapse happens real quickly. I was told just recently that we'll go to bed one night and everything will seem fairly normal. We will wake up the next morning and it will have happened. So it will literally happen overnight or over a weekend like Friday to Monday. When she said you'll hear rumors and then they'll get louder, I've watched that happening and they're getting much louder right now. I was also told that before the crash takes place my mother-in-law would pass away shortly before all these things began. She passed away the 7th of October 1998. The question is, how long is shortly?

After the economy collapses I saw marauding bands or gangs running around. People just go crazy and they start rioting, looting and killing because they're angry. Everything they know of value on this earth is being taken away from them within a few short days. We've had so much in this country, more than any other country in the world. They're angry at first and then they go crazy because they're hungry. In a very short period of time there will be a famine like we've never seen before. I believe for the most part this famine is brought upon us. It's premeditated and planned out. No one works. No trucks bring food deliveries. Famine is brought on very quickly as stores are cleaned out within hours. There is nothing to eat so people kill others because they are hungry. After a time they begin to kill because they enjoy it. All of them become very depraved. I saw these marauding bands doing awful sadistic sexual acts, cannibalism, eating people while they are still alive and kicking. I always wonder how the Lord would determine who the righteous and who the wicked were. There is a little bit of bad in the best of us and a little bit of good in the worst of us. He doesn't decide that, we do that by our choices depending on how we react to these things that are happening to us. For example, if we saw some of these military people or marauding bands torturing or killing family members I was told that I can have no anger, hatred, bitterness or revenge in my heart for what these people are doing or I would take the first step of being like they are. Our choices determine which side we will stand on. I saw a huge gulf between the righteous and the wicked. You are either depraved and extremely wicked and act like beasts or you will stand on the righteous side with the Lord and you will become increasingly more righteous and in tune with our Father in Heaven.

A short period of time after the economic collapse we are put under the control of FEMA and martial law. The first thing they do is to close down all the roads and accesses out of the cities. Next they cut communications and conduct house to house searches for food, guns and ammunition. I saw them taking warm boots and warm clothing because it was getting cold and winter was coming. The martial law is so oppressive. It is very similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews. I saw them relocating and sorting families, men from the women, women from the children. I saw two lines. Those too old or young or too feeble to work go to the concentration execution camps while the others are sent to work camps. They put us under a night time curfew and anyone caught out after dark is immediately shot and killed. It is illegal to pray, attend church and hold meetings. I saw an underground resistance set up trying to help get people out of the city to safety. If you don't take the mark, you will be on the run continually. Travel from city to city, county to county or state to state will be hindered unless you have the proper papers to do so.

I saw that the soldiers came to my house and broke the door down. They had orders to take me to be executed. I didn't know what to do because there were about six soldiers and just me. I said to the Lord, "If it be Thy will and I'm not to die at this point save me by showing me what to do." I was told to tell them not to touch me or you'll die. I did and the soldiers laughed at me. One of them came up to me and grabbed me by the arm and he immediately dropped dead at my feet. That scared them and they backed out down the stairs. I heard them building up their courage saying things like he must have had a heart attack or something. So they came back to me again and another one came up to me. I told him too that if he touched me he would die. He reached out and grabbed my arm and dropped dead at my feet. This time the rest of the soldiers were terrified. They gathered up their dead friends and didn't touch anything that was mine and left. I was told that if the Lord was willing to exert this much power to protect one person imagine what He would do to protect a group of people gathered in His name. I was told that this is what truly Zion is. It's not necessarily a place but rather it's the people that are the pure in heart who are gathered in His name.

The next scenario I saw was that the animals turn on people. The Hopi Indians have also suggested this will happen. I saw wild animals coming into the cities just devouring people. I saw mountain lions grouping together, even though they are solitary predators and timid of humans, coming into the city attacking and killing people. A group of these came up to me and I was thinking that I was a goner this time. I thought that it worked before so I went to the Lord and said, "If it be Thy will and I'm not to die at this point please save me and show me what to do." He said to me to just reach out and touch the lead lion on the head. I thought, "Oh sure I will." But I did it. As soon as I did it he became as a tame house cat and then all of the other mountain lions did the same. They rubbed up against my leg and rolled over on their backs. Others seeing this were afraid of me. I was told this is like in the scriptures where it says they were afraid to go up against Zion because they are a terrible people. God is with them. These are some of the things they are going to be seeing.

The next scenario I was shown was during the first earthquake in a building with some friends. I knew the building wasn't safe with the earthquake. I opened the door, looked outside and saw the trees falling like dominos all over. I thought how are we going to get out of this. I did the same thing again. I prayed to the Lord, "If it be Thy will and I'm not to die at this time, please save me and tell me what to do." He said to just walk out through the trees. So we walked out through the trees and we were not hurt.

He repeated this over four times to me in different scenarios so it would come automatically to me to go to the Lord. The fourth scenario was that having to be confined to a shelter for two weeks underground. This same one was shown to me 3 times. Anytime it's repeated three times it's very important and you need to pay attention. I thought it had to do with nuclear war or something. At the end of those two weeks I went out because I wanted to see how much damage was done. I went out and walked down the street past this five story building that took up the whole block. As I walked to the center of this block next to the building, the walls of the building started to fall. I looked up and thought what am I going to do now. I'd had enough practice of what to do so I immediately went to the Lord and said, "If it be Thy will and I'm not suppose to die, to please save me and show me what to do." He told me to stoop down right where I was so I did. As the wall started to fall I noticed one of the upper windows and the glass had fallen out as it started to fall on me. As it fell, the open frame where the window had fallen out fell around me and I didn't even have a scratch on me. So I was shown that we would be preserved in these miraculous ways and all we have to do is believe and trust in JESUS CHRIST. I was told that our faith will grow with these experiences. As time goes on we'll get faster at knowing what to do. Once we start reacting in the right way and that it works and we're preserved and the Lord is there for us, then our trust and faith builds and we get stronger and more pure. The easy job will be dying. The harder task will be to live through all of these things. Just imagine living through these things and being there when the Lord comes in His glorious second coming. It's all going to be worth it.

Everyone that has food storage will have their life threatened and be forced to turn it in. I was told that the LDS church would call in the food storage, but that they turn it over to the U.N. forces. I know that this may be upsetting to some people, but this was repeated to me several times. I was also told that it is very important that I warn people of this! In fact, when I first received this, I cried for three days. I actually had three separate experiences over several days in each of which I was told about the LDS Church calling in food storage and turning it over to the government. If you turn your food in, then you will have to take an identification mark or ID which is a computer chip implanted in the forehead or the hand. I was shown that when you go in to take the mark, you will have to deny Christ. If you deny Him, you will be given the chip and your life will be preserved. If you refuse, you will be beheaded. I saw many public beheadings. I saw them rounding up patriots and other dissidents and beheading them in public. I thought this was strange that they would use an outmoded way to take life when there were more convenient ways. I was told it was to instill fear.

I saw at the time of the famine that this is when they instigate the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is a computer chip. It's placed in the hand or in the forehead. I have had someone bring a paper to me about this chip and the technology is in place. It is similar to the ones placed in pets. The chip has in it enough memory to have all your personal information, satellite tracking ability, and a pleasure mode which when implanted gives the host feelings of pleasure so that you are reluctant to give it up. This chip is of organic nature and the body takes it in and nourishes it. I was shown something else about the mark. There's an 18 digit number in the chip which is interesting because 6 + 6 + 6 equals 18. The first three numbers of the chip are 666 which represents the world government. The next 3 numbers are the location or country. USA's number is 110. The next three digits are your telephone area code. The final nine numbers are your social security number. I was told you wouldn't be able to get a job without the chip. With this technology they will take us into a cashless society where all of your financial activities are known and kept. This mark is an eternal thing. If you take the mark knowingly to preserve your life on this earth, you will forever be aligned with Satan through the eternities and your name is blotted out of the Lamb's Book of Life. When you go to take the mark you will be questioned as to where your loyalties lie. If you don't deny the Savior you are then sent out to be beheaded.

Within 10 days of the economic collapse we have the first earthquake affecting Utah which takes place early in the morning, about 4 or 5 am. When I first saw it I didn't think it was very hard because I saw there wasn't much damage done to my home in Utah County, but it lasts a long time. People will think this is the big one. I saw that this earthquake was much stronger somewhere else like on the west coast area of California but it also affects Nevada. There is a lot of damage done and there is some loss of life though there are a lot of people who survive. The second time my mother showed it to me I realized that it is a very significant earthquake.

The second earthquake affecting Utah takes place about 15 days after the first and also takes place in the early morning around 4 or 5 am. This earthquake is like the world has never seen and affects a much larger area than just Utah. It's right off the Richter Scale. I saw the dams in the mountains in the Wasatch Front area breaking. I don't know if all of them break or if some of them break in the third earthquake, but I know that all of the dams eventually break. I do know that Jordanelle Dam breaks first and comes down and breaks Deercreek Dam. I saw a wall of water 80' high come roaring down Provo Canyon with such force it hits houses and they literally explode. When it hits Utah Lake it surges down the Jordan River and it wipes everything out on both sides of the river all the way to the Great Salt Lake. I saw homes out in the west like in Magna and Plains City sinking into the ground like quicksand due to liquefaction. I saw buildings and trees falling like dominos. I saw myself in my home trying to get out the door to safety. I was thrown to the floor with such force that I looked up at the wall and I thought if that wall were to fall on me it would just have to fall because I can't even raise my head up or get to my hands and knees to crawl out of the way to safety. I saw cracks opening up in the earth running from east to west and I thought that was really strange because I thought the faults ran north to south. These cracks open at the Point of the Mountain where the freeway goes over the mountain from Utah County to Salt Lake County , Beck Street in Salt Lake City and at Willard Bay. I saw these huge cracks 600 to 1000 feet deep and 500 to 600 feet across with homes, people and everything falling down into these cracks. They run from the mountain clear out to the valley floors. These cracks separate Utah County from Salt Lake County, Salt Lake County from Davis County and Davis County from Weber County. I think these cracks may open in the 2nd or 3rd earthquakes but I really don't know. I know later I saw molten lava coming up through these cracks in the earth. I saw a huge volcano in Northern California, one in Southern Idaho and one in the Yellowstone caldera. I think that the volcanoes start with the 3rd earthquake because I saw that it was daytime and the 3rd and 4th earthquakes happen in the afternoon. I saw volcanoes right here in this Valley and saw hot lava falling on people. I was running from house to house trying to warn them to get out because the volcano was here and ready to blow but they ignored me and were laughing. I finally had to leave because they wouldn't listen. I had a geologist call me after I had been on the radio. He said he had heard what I had said about the earthquakes. He said it was just fascinating to him how I was describing them especially if one doesn't have any knowledge in this area. About the cracks that run east to west, it isn't a fault but fissures that come out from the fault line. Concerning the liquefaction and the things falling like dominos, this is very much like the Mexican earthquake where it's the bottom of a lake with a sandy base and would cause liquefaction. The waves will go out and hit the mountains and bounce back and that's what causes the earthquake to last so long. That's also why it causes the trees and buildings to fall like dominos, one on top of each other. Another thing he said was that the plates underneath the Wasatch Front sit ajar. What he said will happen when we have a big earthquake is that one will raise up and one will drop. That was the force I felt when I was thrown and pinned to the floor.

My mother took me to the Point of the Mountain and I looked as far west, north and south as I could see and both Utah and Salt Lake Valleys were full of water. She brought me over and sat me down right across the street from my house in Lehi and water was lapping right up against my feet. A friend brought a map of the old Lake Bonneville and an elevation map of the area I live in. We found that my home sits at about the 4800 foot level so we figured that's how high the water comes up. I believe this also takes place after the 3rd earthquake and its purpose is to cleanse these valleys of the rest of the wicked.

I also saw an invasion of this country. I saw millions of Chinese coming in along the west coast and down towards the Mexican border. I also saw Russians invading the east coast at the same time. Additionally I saw an army coming down from the north but they didn't get close enough for me to see who they were. I saw thousands of parachutes until they just darkened the sky. I saw individuals coming down on ropes out of helicopters all over. I saw the beginning of this invasion that there are nuclear explosions on both coasts. I also saw a nuclear explosion north toward Salt lake City which could be Hill Air Force Base but I really don't know for sure. When I was shown these things I went to the Lord and asked how we could possibly survive all this. I saw that this invasion takes place on a holiday when families get together and eat which I believe could be either Thanksgiving or Christmas but it could be New Years.

There were also diseases so terrible like the Ebola Virus. I saw people bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears, mouth and from every orifice of the body and dying very quickly.

Later I saw that the poles of the earth reverse. Before the pole shift it is very still and quiet. Then I saw such horrendous winds that caused boulders the size of houses to fly through the air as the shift takes place. Anything or anyone above ground will not survive because of the winds. There's nothing left standing over two feet above the ground. I also saw a comet that hits the earth. I don't know where the comet or the pole shift fits into the scenario. I assume they are later because I was shown these things happen after the economic collapse and the earthquakes.

I saw the comet hitting the earth but pieces of it coming and hitting the earth before the main part of the comet. That is what the mighty hailstorm is which is talked about in the scriptures. This fiery hail or the hailstorm that destroys all the crops of the earth according to D & C 29 is actually pieces of a comet coming in from the outer regions. I saw this comet hit in the west. Some people I've talked to said they've seen it hitting in Nevada and others saw it hit in the Pacific Ocean. I never saw where it hit. All I saw was a flash of white light which lights up the whole sky and then it turns blood red starting from the west going to the east. This is what I believe triggers the 4th earthquake that's heard around the world. That's the earthquake I believe when Christ returns.

There's a space between the 3rd and 4th earthquakes in Utah and I don't know how long of a space there is. The 3rd earthquake which takes place in the spring, maybe April, triggers all of these natural calamities that will begin happening all around the earth and the whole earth will be in turmoil; tidal waves 500 feet high, horrendous tornadoes and winds, earthquakes and volcanoes all going on. I was told that only those that are ordained to do so will live through this. So it will not only be the wicked that will be taken off the earth, there will be righteous among them too. If you survive it you will know without a shadow of a doubt that the only way you were able to walk through it is through the power of God.

This is not a message of fear. That's not what I'm about. I'm telling people it will be worth what we have to go through. Everybody asks why get food storage? Why try and prepare? How do we prepare? All I can say is the food storage is necessary, so prepare. I have seen these things and I know they are going to happen. I saw whole subdivisions of homes all totally destroyed except one right in the middle that doesn't even have a broken window. I saw the gas mains breaking and homes exploding one by one up the street and there would be a couple that wouldn't even be touched. To say it will be unusual is an understatement of how things are going to happen because the Lord will preserve those who are ordained to do so. It will be like everyone dying from these horrible diseases and some won't even get them. I saw ways we would be protected which would be nothing less than miraculous. The only way we are going to make it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I can't stress hard enough that it is of the utmost necessity to have a personal relationship with and a testimony of Jesus Christ. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of revelation. Personal revelation is going to be absolutely vital. If you don't have the money to get physically prepared, fine, get prepared spiritually. It's the most important way to prepare. It's only through Jesus Christ that we are going to be saved. These things we will walk through are going to be scary, but it's the only way we can be sufficiently humbled and purified to meet our Savior when he returns. That is what it is really all about.

Before the 3rd earthquake we will be led out by beings of light to cities of refuge or cities of light where we will remain while the rest of the calamities go out to the rest of the world. If you do not make it to one of these cities you will not survive. I SAW THAT ALL THOSE THAT ARE WILLING TO BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AND HAVE FAITH IN HIM AND WILL ACCEPT HIM WILL BE LED OUT. The 3rd earthquake is the removal of the wicked that remain who refuse to accept Jesus Christ. I asked how long we would have to prepare before we are led out. I was told to read Mosiah 24 in the Book of Mormon. I started reading and it was talking about when Alma was under the persecution of the Lamanites. They prayed day and night for relief. The Lord told them to prepare because they were going to be led out the next morning. The Lord shut the eyes of the Lamanites so that they couldn't see and then led them out. That's how I was told it would be. We would have overnight to prepare. I was also told that they would no longer speak about when the children of Israel were led out of Egypt but that the miracles will be so great in these days ahead that they would talk about when we were led out to the New Jerusalem. Whatever we pass through will be a very short period of time and it will be well worth the reward.

The most important reason why I have done this is so I can bear witness of Jesus Christ. Because if we don't have a testimony of Jesus Christ and we don't bear witness of Him, we won't survive. If we are not willing to lay down our lives for our Savior as He laid down His life for us, we just simply won't survive. I know that He lives and I know that He is my Savior and I know that He is in charge. If we aren't willing to give up everything, including our lives, we aren't worthy of Him. The most important thing I can say is to get a personal relationship with Him and get personal revelation because it will be vital and it is the most important thing you can do.

ADDENDUM / MY CELESTIAL WEDDING DRESS: This was revealed to me about two years ago. It has to do with all the things I've talked about. My mother came to me and showed me this beautiful dress. It had its own light and it shimmered. There were places where it was brighter and shimmered more than in other places. It was decorated with these pearls draped all over the dress. She handed this dress to me with a lot of love. I took this dress from her and as I looked at it, wherever it shimmered the most and was the most brilliant, it was covered with tear stains and where the pearls were draped, it was torn. I was told that the greater the tears and the greater the tatters, the greater the reward. A person goes through what we've been talking about, the struggles and heartache, you come out the other end and this dress is your reward. It was a simple story, but it was to show how all of this will be worth what we will go through.

ADDENDUM / IRAQ: The first of the year in 1998 when President Clinton threatened to go into Iraq, my mother told me that if they are invaded, the war will not stay in Iraq. It will lead to a third world war and the invasion of the United States. In November of 1998 when he threatened to invade again I went to the Lord in sincere prayer and I prayed for President Clinton and the leaders of the United Nations and Saddam Hussein that they would soften their hearts and reach an agreement so that this invasion would not take place. Each time it looks like we are going to war, we should pray for those people. There is real strength in sincere prayer. The greater the numbers the greater the power that prayer has.

Our country and military was likened to a bird. If you pluck one feather out at a time, the bird won't miss it. You do this over and over and the bird can still fly until one day when you have plucked one too many and it no longer can fly and it is too late.

ADDENDUM/"SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN": In late December, 1998 or early January, 1999, Gayle was told one night that "something will happen in April and then in July". She was not told either what would happen or specifically what year was being spoken of. Gayle did assume that the year was 1999, but, again, this was only her assumption.