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Newman Bulkley's Vision

Newman Bulkley (member of the mormon battalion)
Vision published in Springville, Utah, Jan. 8, 1886

Suddenly I awoke, and sleep departed from me, and the vision of my mind was opened, and I beheld the members of the Senate of the United States. And while in session they were hurled from the hall by an unseen power. They rallied again, and the second time they were thrown from the hall. They rallied the third time and were again thrown from the hall with such violence that a great number of them were killed. All those that remained alive had the name of "EDMUNDS" printed on their foreheads. Next I saw a whirlwind commence in the center of the House of Representatives which increased until it frightened all the members out of the House, and they then scattered to various parts of the United States; and the inhabitants of the city of Washington, D.C., became frightened and scattered until the city became almost desolate. Then I saw a great tumult commence all over the United States, which ended in a great deal of blood being shed. And a great many of the people who had heard our Elders preach, and had believed what they heard, but had not had the courage to embrace the Gospel when they heard it, gathered what little effects they could take with them, and came to this people in the Rocky Mountains. Then I saw many thousands of women and children take refuge in the timber, hazel rough, or any place they could conceal themselves from the turmoil that was going on in the States.