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********** HISTORY ON SMALL PLATES OF NEPHI ***********

600BC group leaves Jerusalem with Lehi 1 Nephi

tree of life vision 1 Nephi 8

Nephi's vision 1 Nephi 11-14

592 arrive at sea/build boat to cross ocean 1 Nephi 17

589 arrive in promised land 1 Nephi 18

Jerusalem destroyed by Babylon (last two tribes 2 Nephi 1

taken into captivity)

588 Nephi makes large plates/writes history to date 2 Nephi 1

570 Lehi dies

570 Nephi and his group must leave 2 Nephi 2

560 Nephi makes the small plates 2 Nephi 5

544 book of Jacob begins/(Nephi's brother) Jacob

530 Jacob becomes prophet Jacob 1

520 Nephi dies Jacob 1

421 Enos

399 Jarom, etc.

220 Mosiah leads people from Lehi/Nephi to Zarahemla Omni

130 Amaleki gives plates to King Benjamin Omni

*************** END OF SMALL PLATES OF NEPHI ************

Words of Mormon (explains transition from small to large plates)

*************** HISTORY ON LARGE PLATES OF NEPHI *******

130 King Benjamin (son of the first Mosiah) Mosiah

121 Mosiah (Benjamin's son) gets plates Mosiah 1

Ammon leaves to find group that went to Lehi/Nephi Mosiah 7

captured by Limhi--who tells Ammon his story Mosiah 7


200BC Zeniff leads party to claim land Mosiah 9

makes treaty with Lamanites

160 Noah becomes king Mosiah 11

150 Abinadi warns people Mosiah 11

148 Alma flees/Abinadi killed Mosiah 17

Alma and group taken captive Mosiah 23

Amulon put over Alma Mosiah 23

(123BC) deep sleep/escape to Zarahemla Mosiah 24

145 Lamanites start war on Noah Mosiah 19

death of Noah Mosiah 19

Limhi becomes king Mosiah 19

122 Gideon leads people to Zarahemla Mosiah 22

******** GROUPS FINALLY REUNITED *********

120 Mosiah makes Alma prophet over all people Mosiah 26

110 rise of church in power and wealth Mosiah 26

100 sons of Mosiah and Alma Jr. visited by an angel Mosiah 27

92 4 sons and Alma start to teach people Mosiah 27

4 sons go on mission to Lamanites Alma 17

Mosiah translates 24 gold plates of Limhi (Ether) Mosiah 28

no more kings/judges instead/majority rule Mosiah 29

91 Alma Sr. and Mosiah die Mosiah 29

Alma Jr. becomes chief judge and prophet Mosiah 29

91 Nehor Alma 1

rise of Amlicites/want king/war Alma 2

survivors join Lamanites Alma 2

87 Alma kills Amilci Alma 2

growth of church Alma 4

84 church becomes wicked Alma 4

83 Alma quits job as chief judge/becomes fulltime prophet Alma 4

82 Alma's journies: land of Gideon Alma 6

land of Melek Alma 8

city of Ammonihah/thrown out Alma 8

returns/meets Amulek Alma 8

Zeezrom Alma 11

women and children burned Alma 14

Alma and Amulek in prison/delivered Alma 14

81 Lamanites destroy city of Ammonihah (Desolation of Nehors) Alma 16

81 Alma meets sons of Mosiah returning from their missions Alma 17

******** STORY OF 4 SONS OF MOSIAH **********

91 Ammon captured by Lamoni, the Lamanite king Alma 17

saves king's flocks Alma 17

90 king and queen converted

Ammon meets Lamoni's father Alma 19

Ammon frees his two brothers from prison Alma 21

90-80 thousands of Lamanites converted Alma 23

they will fight no more/become Anti-Nephi-Lehites Alma 23

massacred by other Lamanites Alma 24

81 this makes Lamanites more angry/massacre Ammonihah Alma 25

Anti-Nephi-Lehites seek safety in Zarahemla/Jershon Alma 27


77 Nephite-Lamanite war Alma 28

76 Korihor, the anti-christ Alma 30

74 Alma and Amulek go to Zomamites--the Rameumptom Alma 31

74 Zoramites become Lamanites/Zarahemnah is their leader Alma 43

Moroni becomes (at 25) general over Nephite armies Alma 43

Zarahemnah scalp incident Alma 44

73 Alma's words to his sons: Helaman, Shiblon, and Corianton Alma 36-42


(Chapters 45-62 of Alma)

73 Helaman gets record from his father/America cursed Alma 45

Lord will allow no wicked people to stay in America/death of Alma

Amalickiah wants to be king/title of liberty

72 Amalickiah joins Lamanites and becomes their king by treachery

71-68 wars/Morianton/Teancum

67 kingmen and freemen/Pahoran

64 Helaman and his 2000 Alma 53

62 Moroni's letter to Pahoran/Nephite state totters

Zarahemla taken/recaptured by Moroni

55 migrations north with Hagoth/Helaman dies Alma 63

52 Helaman Jr. becomes prophet/wars again Hel 1

50 Gadianton robbers/Kishkumen

46 more migrations north/no trees/whole land covered by people

40-30 more wars/spirit of Lord withdraws Hel 5

30 Nephi and Lehi in prison/300 have vision

29 Lamanite missionaries to Nephites

24 Lamanites rid their lands of Gadianton robbers

23 Nephi prophesies murder of judge

20 Nephi calls famine/a few years of peace

6 Samuel the Lamanite/a curse on the land/slippery treasures

prophesies of Lord's birth and death Hel 14

0 believers to be killed/sign is given 3 Nep 1

1AD most people believe the sign/are converted

10-14 Gadianton robbers demand surrender of all Nephites 3 Nep 3

21 Nephite war on robbers

26 peace in land/church grows

30 church divided by classes/pride/members sin knowingly,openly

chief judge murdered/people divide into tribes

33 signs of Christ's death/whole earth changed

voice of Jesus from heaven

33-34 Christ appears to Nephites 3 Nep 11

disciples named/10 commandments/beatitudes

babies speak/3 Nephites

36 all are converted, both Nephites and Lamanites 4 Nephi

all goods in common

110 Nephi dies/Amos becomes prophet

200 people cover whole land/pride begins/goods no more in common

231 division among people/Nephites and Lamanites again

300 Nephites become wicked too/Gadianton robbers everywhere

320 Ammaron (brother of Amos) hides plates in hill

tells Mormon (age 10) to get plates when he is 24 Mormon

26 Mormon visited by Lord/land cursed/sorceries in land

331-45 Mormon leads Nephite armies/Lord not with the armies

350 treaty/Nephites take north land/Lamanites, south

361 Mormon refuses to lead army any more/people too wicked Mormon 4

370 human sacrifice

384 final gathering of Nephite race at Cumorah

over 1,000,000 die

401 Moroni is left alone/a wanderer Mormon 8

********** BOOK OF ETHER **********

This book is added to the end of the book because it's out of sequence chronologically. It starts at 2200BC with the Tower of Babel and the Dispersion. These people come to America, populate the continent for 1600 years, and are finally destroyed in a civil war of total destruction. The last man alive, Coriantumr, lives long enough to wander into the Mulekite camp shortly after their arrival(550-580??). He stays nine months and writes a bit of his history (Omni 21-22) before dying.

********** BOOK OF MORONI **********

Moroni's last comments (he thought he'd be killed by this time but isn't) where he leaves us the sacramental prayers, etc.

401-421 Moroni's parting remarks Moroni

421 end of book (in world history, Rome is also falling at this time)